What is a 2nd opinion?

A second opinion is to see a doctor other than the one you have previously been seeing. You can get more information on the diagnosis, confirm the diagnosis or get information and an opinion about the proposed treatment plan. It is important that you are completely sure on the diagnosis and treatment plan!

Who are the doctors providing 2nd opinion service on Taipan Health?

We have a network of more than 150 experienced and officially registered top Western (sub) specialists to provide you with affordable and fast second opinion services. A (sub) specialist is someone who is further specialized after becoming a general specialist (radiologist). For example, a neuro radiologist. The availability of all relevant (sub) specialisms in our network ensures you will get the right answer!

Why should I choose Taipan Health’s service?

We use quality standard metrics of the American College of Radiology to continuously look at the performance of our specialists. For example, we use retrospective peer review in 20% of all cases the day after reporting. Immediate action is taken in case if there is a misinterpretation of findings which is clinically significant. Besides this, we use prospective peer review whereby a specialist can ask our quality team for a second opinion before the report is being issued. The name of the specialist which does the report is included in the report. We have a proven track record of 10 years and have long term relationships leading hospital chains in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands as customer.

How can I get 2nd opinion?

You first select how we can help you: (1) radiology report review (2) treatment plan review
You then login or register your account on our platform and provide patient information.
You can pay the cost of your selected service with credit card.
The service will be completed within 24 hours (radiology report review) or 72 hours (treatment plan review).
The report will be made available on the Taipan Health platform for download

What data do I need to provide to get 2nd opinion?

You need to have at least one scan file in DICOM format. An X-ray, CT, MRI or any other scan file is OK. You can also provide reports you receive from your physician or any other related files in pdf or other formats.

Where can I get the scan?

You can ask for the scan data in DICOM file when you use the scan service at any clinic or hospital. You pay for the scan so they should provide this to you. We always advise you to confirm with the clinic or hospital you will get a digital copy of the scan (CD rom or USB stick) before the scan is done.

How can I send you the data?

You can either send it to us by mail, ask us to pick it up or upload to our platform.

What’s in a 2nd opinion report?

The second opinion report will contain an executive summary which answers your specific question: is the original report correct or not. Besides this, it will contain all standard medical information which should be included in any good radiology report. This you can of course share with your doctor.

How long does it take to get 2nd opinion report and where can I find it?

This depends on the selected service. The service will be completed within 48 hours (medical scan review) or 72 hours (treatment plan review). You can track the status of your order and find the report by logging in to your account.

What should I do if the medical scan review report is different from my current report?

We can also provide an alternative treatment plan. You can click on the "Start Now" button at the top right of the screen.

How secure is your system?

We have chosen to work with an existing medical storage PACS company from the USA whom will take of the storage for us. This company has more than 30 years’ experience in the medical software industry with thousands of customer sites worldwide. They have a great secure system with a proven track record of safety and reliability.