We provide medical scan review service and treatment plan review service.

Medical Scan Review
Our radiologist will read your scans (MRI, CT, X-ray etc.) and give you a report within 48 hours.
  • Choose Scan Type
    Choose your scan type: MRI, CT or X-ray etc.
  • Provide Information
    Send us the scan, primary report etc. and fill in your medical information.
  • Get Diagnosis
    We will assign a radiologist that suits your case to read your scan.
  • Receive Report
    A report electronically signed by the radiologist will be available on the Taipan Health platform
Treatment Plan Review
One radiologist and one doctor will review your scans together and give you a customized treatment plan.
  • Inquiry
    Send us the scan, primary report etc. and fill in your medical information.
  • Confirmation
    We will contact you as soon as we receive your inquiry to verify any missing documentation.
  • Diagnosis
    We will assign a radiologist and a doctor that suits your need and read your scan. The two doctors work together to diagnoze and give you advice on your treatment.
  • Report
    A report electronically signed by the radiologist and a treatment plan from the doctor will be available for download on the Taipan Health platform

What Is Second Opinion?

A second opinion is an independant opinion from a second hospital or institute other than the one the patient has been seeing previously, in order to get more information or to hear a differing point of view.
It is usually an opinion on the patient's diagnosis and treatment plan. The patient can consider both primary opinion and second opinion when he/she is making the medical decision. Second opinion is widely applied in western countries for quality control, risk management and cost saving.

Who Needs A Second Opinion?

Patients in emerging markets where they lack access to qualified doctors, lack trust in the local healthcare system and wish for better diagnosis or treatment plan.
Patients with diseases that cannot be diagnosed by local doctors.
Patients suggested by their primary doctor to have irreversible treatment such as surgery, but want to check if it is necessary or their best choice.

Why Is Second Opinion Important?

Optimize Treatment

It is reported that there are about 4 million new tumor cases every year in China, and the number is still increasing. Western countries such as America has higher 5-year survival rate for cancer patients than China.

Peace of Mind

There are mis-diagnosed cases in all countries and all hospitals. A second opinion is the only chance to prevent it from happening.

Make Sure You Need Surgery

A second opinion can provide you another choice, especially when you are facing an irreversible surgery.

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